Dottie Pepper calls out Sergio Garcia

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, April 23rd, 2009
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Lately I’ve had a bit of a middle age crush on Dottie Pepper.  Well that just spiked because Dottie called out Sergio for his childish behavior/comments at the Masters.  You go girl.

No athlete is beyond making knucklehead moves with the media — I have my own long list of regrets — but you can turn such a misstep into a positive by dealing with it honestly. When you do apologize, as Sergio did two days later, don’t issue a statement that sounds as if another person wrote it. (I can’t recall hearing Sergio use the word iconic before.) Fans forgive those who ‘fess up and take responsibility. Such contrition goes hand in hand with taking responsibility for your own game, a key to succeeding, as Kenny Perry did after just plain ol’ losing the Masters. Sergio will have plenty of opportunity to make amends at the Players. If he doesn’t, I can’t begin to imagine how brutal the U.S. Open fans are going to be at Bethpage.

Love ’em or not, I’d rather have announcers like Dottie Pepper and Johnny Miller who have enough golf balls to call a spade a spade and aren’t afraid to have an opinion.  I’d much rather hear that than hear them spewing out a bunch of generic panderous rubbish.

5 responses to “Dottie Pepper calls out Sergio Garcia”

  1. pjcedog says:

    I have always liked her, going back to her playing days. She competed with the same intensity that Tiger competes with today. Her honesty and ‘eggs’ (girls don’t have cajones remember) are both outstanding. I also like Miller, his honesty is his strongest asset in my opinion. Both are right on target 99% of the time.

  2. Miranda says:

    Dottie would know a thing or two about inappropriate comments after she called the US Solheim Cup team a ‘bunch of chokin’ dogs’.

  3. pjcedog says:

    I watched that event on TV, heard her say that, and really can’t argue with her assessment of the play that week. People may not be happy to hear it but I think it was the truth, at least for that week.

  4. dufferguy says:

    Dottie has always called it as she saw it. As a result, she has occasionally misspoke… but haven’t we all. However, she is smart enough to know that when that happens, an apology is in order. She’s a keeper!

  5. MyGolfSpy says:

    I would have to agree…if your a douche just admit your a douche.





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