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Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, April 12th, 2009
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Kenny Perry lost his swing starting on the 17th hole and through the two hole playoff. Chad Campbell succumbed to the pressure as well, putting his approach shot into the right greenside bunker on the 1st hole of the playoff.

Angel Cabrera has some big time kahunas and is Masters champion!  I’ll write more later, but there’s still daylight.  I’m off to the course to play until sunset.


I think I’m going to have a heart attack.

Kenny Perry bogeys the last two holes.  We have a three man playoff between Kenny Perry, Chad Campbell and Angel Cabrera. Guess I’ll keep my clubs in the garage for now and crack open a frosty beverage.

6:21pm ET

17th fairway… Kenny Perry has a two shot lead after making birdie on 15 and nearly ACING 16.  I’m so happy for Perry, who will become the oldest major champion in the history of golf.  I just hope he finishes soon, so I can get out and play a few holes.  This is the only time of year I’d rather watch golf than play it, and I have the itch.

5:40pm ET

Kenny Perry just made a 3-putt par on #13 to stay at -12, but still holds one shot lead over Chad CampbellCabrera still has a chance at -10.

Tiger and Phil both limped home, making bogey on 18.  Perhaps they just beat each other up today.  Tiger even knocked his 2nd shot off a tree trunk.  Phil‘s 67 and Tiger‘s 68 could have been 65’s or better.  I could have sworn I saw Tiger limping after the tree shot on 18.  Just like in football, limp after you make a bad play…

5:15pm ET

Getting hard to breathe.  Getting hard to write.

Tiger and Phil are lighting it up.  They both reached the par-5 15th in two and both missed their eagle putts.  Phil missed about a three footer for eagle.  Phil pars 16 and Tiger makes birdie.  Phil and Tiger (and Campbell) are now in 2nd place at -10.  Kenny Perry is doing his Nick Faldo impersonation, trying to make 18 pars in a row.  He pars 11.

Woa!  Kenny Perry just broke the drought by making birdie at #12! That is a three shot swing on that hole alone over Phil.

This is intense.  I really can’t breathe.  I feel like I’ve had about 20 shots of espresso.  I can’t imagine what the players feel like inside and how they can keep those emotions under control.

4:15pm ET

Strange things happening.

OMG Phil just dumped his tee shot on #12 in Rae’s creek.  NOOO!  Tiger hit an 8-iron and Phil hit a 9, poorly.  Terrible mistake.  Wong club and bad contact. Terrible.  Phil makes a double bogey.  Heart breaker.  He was playing so well.

Angel Cabrera just shanked his 2nd shot on #8.  Fortunately for him 8 is a par-5.  Maybe he needs to light up a ciggy.  Haven’t seen him doing that since he was puffing hard at the US OPEN.  Maybe he can chomp his gum harder.

Kenny Perry is still making pars, but Chad Campbell is now tied for the lead after birdie on #8.

3:40pm ET

Phil is still on phreakin’ phire. Phil Mickelson made SIX birdies on the front to tie a Masters record with a 30 on the front. Tiger made eagle on #8, a ho-hum 33 on the front, getting him to -7.

Cabrera is beginning to struggle a bit. He’s going to drop a shot at #5, leaving Kenny Perry all alone in the lead at -11. All Perry can do is make pars. Chad Campbell and Phil Mickelson are only one shot back right now. The big mo is in Phil‘s favor.

I’m having a hard time breathing. This is one of the most exciting Masters tournaments I’ve seen, and there are still more than nine holes to go.

3:00pm ET

Phil is on phreakin’ phire. Phil Mickelson, playing with Tiger, is smoking. He’s throwing darts and draining putts all over. Phil has birdied holes 2, 3, 5 and 6. His last four holes are 3, 3, 3, 2. Phil is now at -8, three shots behind the leaders.

WAIT a sec! Phil just hit and unbelievable shot. He had to hook his 2nd shot out of the right rough on #7. He bent it around and ended up about a foot from the hole. He’ll surely make his 5th birdie on the front.

By the way, the leaders are underway. Kenny Perry and Angel Cabrera parred #1 and are in the fairway on #2.

1:35pm ET

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson just teed off. They both pull hooked their shots into the trees. Tiger has gone so far left, he’s on the 8th hole. He’s two fairways away from the 1st hole.

Steve Flesch holed out for eagle on #2 and jumped to -5.

4 responses to “2009 Masters Sunday Blog”

  1. AppleHack says:

    Perry, how the hell could you bogey the last 2 holes? I mean, how do you put it in the bunker at 18?

    Man, what a choke-artist

  2. ZealousGolfer says:

    Have to feel for Perry on this one. Tiger did virtually the same thing, and he has typically not had too many problems with nerves. ; )

    He has a pretty complex swing. It isn’t too surprising that under immense pressure it wasn’t able to hold up. Nonetheless, Angel played some great golf. I think Angel won this as much as Perry lost it.


  3. golfrealist says:

    My hats off to Perry..he’s a decent player and simply found himself in a position many others have …too much pressure on 17 (a great hole) and 18 (a killer)…The list is VERY long..don’t be too harsh on him.
    This Masters was remarkeable in many ways..Chad Campbell proved he is destined to win a Major somewhere..Cabrera proved that his win at Oakmont was no fluke..and provided a kind of sweet revenge for all of us who admired Roberto DeVicenzo so much..and that there is a horde of great young players ready to make Woods and Mickelson obsolete…..

  4. @AppleHack
    Not everyone is as good as you are. Perhaps he may follow your advice next year.





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