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Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, April 3rd, 2009
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I first mentioned a situation with, or what I prefer to call them, “,” back on March 4th.

My friend Dave had told me how he was happy with his commissions he was making as a result of having one of their ads on his golf blog. I thought I’d give it a shot since I need to recoup some of my operating costs.

I signed up for the affiliate program back on February 2nd. Rather than typing it all again for you, just click here for the details of what transpired at that time, and over the next MONTH.

In short, it has now been over TWO MONTHS since I signed up for the program and have yet to receive any kind of communication regarding whether I’ve been approved or not. This is why I now call “”

If they’re so unorganized or simply flaky about signing up affiliates, how can one expect them to handle their bookings well? Even more worrisome, how would they how handle paying me the correct amount and in a timely fashion?

Let’s see how long this goes. I’ll post an update after the 2nd of each month, the anniversary of my applying for the program.

2 responses to “ a.k.a. Update”

  1. golfrealist says:

    Can’t speak to your issue..sounds like a business decision. However..have looked at the golfnow site and my golfer response is..So what. Their course listings are pathetic..5 courses for the SF Bay area! No interesting articles…just very pedestrian stuff….

  2. Check out my first installment. A “human” promised to get back to me. And if it is a business decision, perhaps letting me know would be courteous. I do know there are golf blogs out there which get 1/10 of the traffic this one does and are set up.

    You have my area beat. My entire STATE has no listings on!