Incredible stolen clubs story. Justice prevails.

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, March 24th, 2009
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In this forum thread over at The Golf Space, my friend nicknamed motorman_mp3 wrote a sad story we’ve all heard too many times.  He ran into the pro shop to get a beverage and when he came out his clubs were gone.  His custom clubs worth thousands, with his name engraved on all of them and the bag, had been stolen.

mp3 was a former cop so he knew what process to go through, checking in with all the pawn shops etc.  Most crooks try to pawn stolen items within 24-48 hours as I found out myself in a similar experience.  They need cash fast, for drugs usually.

Less than one day later mp3 got a call from a pawn shop saying there’d been a call asking if they bought clubs.  He hoped this was his set and it was.

The dumb a$$ showed up at the pawn shop with my clubs.
I will know more in a little while after I leave work.
The police called and told me that it was a 16 year old kid that showed up with them.
He had his 18 year old brother with him.
It appears that everything is still there. I will know more when I get there and I will update you with more info tomorrow.
Then a few hours later this post:
As the late great Paul Harvey would say, “Now the rest of the story”
After work I went to the sheriff’s office to pick up my clubs.
Because of the people I know I got to go to the jail and meet the two little dirt bags.
The 16 year old was a little mouthy, until the deputy told him that I was the one he stole the clubs from, and that I was a deputy at one time. The little punk turned white when I said “you can open the cell door now, I need to talk to this little a$$hole. Of course they would not let me in. But he did not know that. But I did ask him why he picked my clubs of all the ones that was out there. He said because my bag looked like it was better taken care of then the rest.(That told me he had done this before)
They will be charging him with felony theft. The look on his face was priceless when I told him how much that bag and its contents were worth.
Now to his 18 year old brother, He is also being charged because he was the one that had to show his ID to pawn the clubs. He tried to be a hard a$$ also. But when he found out as his brother did that I once was a deputy his attitude changed also. I scared him so bad he gave up where my range finder was and I did not know that it was out of the bag.
I will get it back today.
I let both of them know that I would be at all of their court dates and I hope the judge they get is a golfer.
The Clubs
The clubs was just as I had left them, no damage, they were in perfect shape.
The range finder was the only thing missing out of the bag.
The arresting officer told me that the pawn shop called them to let them know that they though they had some stolen stuff being pawned. He said he was about 2 minutes away when he got the call. He said when he pulled up they were still inside. He said the kids never acted scared or even acted like he was there. They waited for the 18 yr old to sign the ticket before they made the arrest. The kid tried to say he found the clubs in the trash.
Yeah, right.
Any way all is good and I am now going to buy a bicycle lock and start wrapping it
Around my bag and through the handles every time I put clubs on the rack.
Congrats to mp3 on getting his clubs back and to being active in punishing and ensuring justice is served for those club thiefs.

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