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Playing golf with Luke today

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009
Categories: Hackers

Today the temp is supposed to reach 60 degrees. It has been very windy, but hopefully it will die down by 3PM. I’m excited to play golf with my pal Luke Swilor again, and to be starting the first day of the 2009 men’s club.

My game is so off right now due to my being a hack and to other issues which are affecting my concentration. I should just give Luke $4.00 before we start. I might as well make him earn it though.

UPDATE: The winds have hit. Mountain gusts will be as high as 60mph. This course is NOT an easy course in the wind. Hazards everywhere. I better load a few more balls, Top Flites, in the bag… No ProV1’s, don’t want to lose a bunch of them…

2 responses to “Playing golf with Luke today”

  1. kiwi says:

    Spill it Tony, who cleaned up who and tell him to update his blog. I’ve been hanging out for an update, is he playing this year or not.

  2. Well I told Luke my game was very bad and he wasn’t feeling 100% either. That combined with the 30-40mph winds and we just played 9 holes for “fun.” No money changed hands. Had we been betting, I would have had to just hand my wallet over to Luke. I think he shot +1, about a million strokes better than me.

    Highlights of the round included Luke whiffing one on #1. Ok he was out in the wilderness on a 60 degree incline standing on a bush but hey. On #2 Luke outdrove me by about 100 yards.

    On #5 I hit a good drive to within 5 yards of Lukes, which is good for me. He then hit is driver off the deck going for the green into a 30mph head wind. That was the shot of the day.

    I went on to play the back nine and played much better. Eagled a par-4.