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Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, February 28th, 2009
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upright caddy racr 4 wheel golf push cartI’ve got a fun new golf toy I’ve been evaluating. It is a 4-wheeled push cart by my pals at Upright Caddy. The name is the Racr. Yes, not the greatest name. If someone is trying to find it they’d probably google “racer” and not “racr.”

Are four wheels better than three?

The primary feature of the Racr is that it has four wheels, unlike 99.9% of the golf push carts out there with three. With the fourth wheel, the cart can have a level platform to mount the bag in a vertical position.

Having the bag in a vertical position is great because my clubs are much easier to remove and put back into the bag. The golf towels hanging from my bag hang nicely and don’t drag on the ground like they do with my 3-wheeled push cart. It is especially good to not have your towel dragging on the ground this time of year because of all the goose crap on the course.

upright caddy racr 4 wheel golf push cartCompact

Despite having one more wheel, the Racr folds up into a much smaller package than my Sun Mountain three wheeled push cart. It takes up 1/3 to 1/2 of the trunk or garage storage space when broken down.

It breaks down very easily too. You pull up on a couple of plastic parts and undo the handle and it folds like an accordion. To make it even smaller the big wheels can pop off as well, but it is generally small enough to store or throw in your trunk without having to do that.


Unlike other golf push carts, the Racr is made of aluminum tubing.  This makes the cart much lighter than other carts made with steel tubing.

upright caddy racr 4 wheel golf push cartOn the course

I’ve put the Racr into play now for about 10 rounds. I find with the weighting more evenly distributed and spread across four wheels rather than three, that the cart is very easy to push. The Racr is much easier to push than three wheeled carts I own.

As I mentioned, club access is much better and more convenient.  Access to my bag’s pockets and random accessories hanging from my bag is much more convenient than with 3-wheel push carts.

Speaking of convenient access… I even put a sub sandwich in an outer pocket of my bag.  I could walk over to my bag and take a bite out of my sandwich without having to handle it with my hands!  That is convenience!  See picture to the right.

Despite having what appears to be a narrower base than typical golf push carts, the Racr is very stable. The cart simply does not want to tip over.


upright caddy racr 4 wheel golf push cartMost of my critiques with the Racr involve the handle area.

First, unpacking or folding the Racr, you realize the padding around the handle can stick to the inside of the body frame.  On my unit it resulted in the padding being smashed and cut.  After a few rounds of folding the unit for storage, the padding on the handle in that area completely wore away, leaving a hole in the handle padding.  Racr units are now shipped with black tape around this section of the handle as a work around.

Second, the golf ball holders are too small.  I tried as hard as I could to squeeze golf balls in the ball holders, but the holders are considerably too small.  I’m told by my pals at Upright Caddy that this has been solved in upcoming models.

Third, the pencil holder is about 200% bigger than it should be.  A standard golf course pencil like you get in the pro shop with your score card is about 50% smaller than the opening of the holder.

My final critique is the brake.  Let me be very clear that the brake on the Racr works very well.  The brake engage/release lever however, operates in reverse to what seems natural.  Not a deal breaker though.

I’m told that most of these problems have been, or will be fixed with upcoming and new revisions to the Racr.  Once these issues are fixed, this cart could compete with any push cart on the market.


The Racr retails at $189.00.  Street prices are around $160.00.  The Racr comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

upright caddy racr 4 wheel golf push cart


Provided that the critiques I mentioned above are resolved, this cart is an awesome push cart.  Pushing the cart is eaiser.  The cart is lighter.  It folds up smaller.  Last but not least, the golf bag is upright and golf club access is much better than three wheeled push carts.

Upright Caddy Racr Gallery

For a few more images of the Racr head to the Hooked On Golf Blog Upright Caddy Racr Gallery.

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  1. 4Checker says:

    You’re a little rascal on your little rascal.

  2. One thing I like is how my setup with this thing looks like the Monty Python Trojan Rabbit…





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