Tough times…

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, February 24th, 2009
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Without going into too much detail, times are tough right now for me on many fronts. I’ve got a bit of that “being kicked while you’re down” syndrome. Don’t worry, HOG isn’t going anywhere.

I should be able to make a big withdrawal from the bank of karma one of these days. In fact I think I’ve built up a big enough karma credit to retire soon.

Golf and life…

My slogan here has been “Golf, life. In that order.” Recently though, my game has suffered big time as a result of not being able to concentrate. I really can’t concentrate on any shot, even during the best part of my game which is putting. If I’m missing three footers, something is wrong. It seems that my current slogan needs to be changed to “Life, golf. In that order.”

As great as I’ve felt about being able to hit balls, play on the simulator and play a few holes over this past winter, my game is a wreck right now.

For many years, golf has been a way of releasing and forgetting about the stresses of life for me. Unfortunately they’re not quite separate right now.

4 responses to “Tough times…”

  1. Keep your head up! Spring is just around the corner 🙂

  2. kirsten says:


    Depositing a little more karma in the bank, Tony. We appreciate so much what you are doing for netizens who love this game. Take care of yourself!!!

  3. Boynie says:

    Hey TK keep the chin up! As MBB says Spring is only a couple of weeks away and you know damn well that a wee bit of patience & those three footers will start to fall in the cup…it’ll soon be overflowing.

    I recommend a life affirming book to beat those blues away by a Scottish writer called Andrew Greig, and titled “Preferred Lies”. Golf at its centre after emerging from potentially fatal illness. Wonderful.

  4. meovino says:

    Tony — Hang in there. It’s gonna take a great attitude to get through these times!