New site design almost done

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, February 7th, 2009
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I’m close to done with the new design.  Yes it is very similar to the old one, but much is different under the hood.  The template has been upgraded and is no longer about three years out of date.

I moved the HOG golf ball to the upper left and made it smaller.  This saved some room, allowing me to make the center column content appear higher up.

I’ve found some other cool templates in case some day comes where I decide to completely redo the layout.  But for now I like the changes.  They’re clean.

Help me out and let me know if stuff doesn’t look right.  I only use Firefox and Safari.  I don’t use internet explorer so I can’t tell if the site is totally messed up on that browser!

4 responses to “New site design almost done”

  1. dixiegolfer says:

    Comments on new design-I am using IE Explorer and it looks fine to me. Seems busy, but this is my first visit to the website so it may grow on me. Good job.

  2. Yes my designs can be busy. it is almost exactly the same as the old layout but with some tweaks. I thank you dixie. Question, your images in the columns aren’t off center, like the tattoo golf or the golf space ad on the top right?

  3. tourgolfblog says:

    Man I know what you’re going through. I redesigned the tour golf blog about 8 months ago and just never like it. So one day about 2 weeks ago I got a bug to redo it again, and it’s so much better. It’s easy to get lost in creating a site or blog with gadgets and goodies that “We” think are cool, but sometimes loose sight of the fact that the readers of the blog should be the number one priority. Looking forward to the new layout.

  4. Had to drive down the street to my home course’s pro shop and get on the windows machine there to take a look. I’ve fixed the problems. Let me know if they’re ok now or if anything else is odd.





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