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Reno’s Northgate GC closing

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, January 22nd, 2009
Categories: Golf Courses

Imagine a golf course which loses $27.40 for each round it books. That’s Reno’s Northgate Golf Course. The course is on track to lose over $500,000 this year, so they just opted to shut it down.

This is too bad. I wonder how many of these we’ll see in the next while. I wonder if golf courses and golf equipment manufacturers are going to adjust their pricing in the current economic “crisis.” Or better yet, maybe we can get Barack Obama to bail out the golf industry…

2 responses to “Reno’s Northgate GC closing”

  1. airbison says:

    Northgate is my local course. Used to be nice, they even hosted the Nationwide tour in the 80’s. First course where I had to wear a collar. Sad times for Reno golf courses. Way too many and way too expensive.

  2. dnalor53 says:

    At least we can find a slight humor with the infamous BAIL OUT fad.
    A really sad state of affairs when the golfing world gets infected by this devastating golfanomics.
    I just hope that we could see some relief soon otherwise my new X20s will just accumulate rust in the attic.