Odyssey 2-Ball F7 and White Hot XG Teron look cool

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, January 22nd, 2009
Categories: Golf Clubs

I spent some time today talking with the local Callaway rep. He had a couple of the new putters from Odyssey, the 2-Ball F7 and the White Hot XG Teron.

I really liked both of these putters. They look super cool and the weighting feels very nice.

But the thing I think I like most about these new Odyssey putters, is that they look like ships from Star Trek. See if you can tell which images below are putters, and which ones are Star Trek space ships:

uss enterprise star trek
Odyssey White Hot XG Teron Putter
Odyssey White Hot XG Teron Putter
Odyssey White Hot XG Teron Putter

4 responses to “Odyssey 2-Ball F7 and White Hot XG Teron look cool”

  1. eatgolf says:

    The hookedongolfblogoplex carpet is Trekkie too – that’s the light pattern the surface of that giant cube borg mother ship had before Picard blew it up on stardate 1.337!

  2. eatgolf says:

    EDIT – Okay, there is a slim chance that I am wrong on remembering the correct stardate…

    And I guess the carpet pattern may be wrong as well – but it might not be! It does look familiar like that doesn’t it!

    /have only seen a handful of star trek episodes

  3. Ah I wish that Hooked On Golf Blog world headquarters had trekkie carpet. But these shots are from the “banquet room” of my home course where I was talking with the Callaway rep.

  4. 4Checker says:

    I tried one of the White Hot putters in the store the other day. I just couldn’t concentrate, what with the voice of Captain Picard ringing in my ears.