Lee Trevino comments on Bloomberg, talks about Tiger

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, January 16th, 2009
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Below is a neat interview from Bloomberg TV with Lee Trevino. He talks about some highlights of his career, golf business, golf medicine, Tiger Woods and more.

Here’s a quote from the interview:

“Tiger Woods not only has helped golf, but he’s hurt it a little bit too in some of the tournaments, because if he’s not there, people don’t have interest, there are a lot of great golfers but I’ll tell you this, Tiger Woods is the best there, there is no question that he is special.”

“He can come back but I’ll predict this, if he comes back he is going to have to learn, and I’m pretty sure he is working on it now. He’s going to have to learn to break those knees a little bit or he is going to have to learn to find a way to slow that speed down at the top a little bit. If he does that, he’s going to be more accurate with a driver than he has ever been before, because he’s not very accurate with a driver, and if he becomes more accurate with a driver those boys on tour are in deeper trouble than they are now because he’ll be a better player.”

2 responses to “Lee Trevino comments on Bloomberg, talks about Tiger”

  1. AndyBrown says:

    If anyone out there playing on tour heard what Lee Trevino had to say then they would already be wondering about what the new year holds for them. If someone can go out there and say that Tiger Woods is the best out there and all this despite a drive which is nowhere close to being as accurate as it should be, it can only mean trouble for the players.

    This comes from a legend who has played along with the very best in the game and when he says something like this, you ought to take it seriously.

    But his comments about Tiger Woods? impact on the game is a little interesting. It is really the kind of phenomenon we associated with Formula 1 when Michael Schumacher was around; The same feeling was experience with Tennis when Roger Federer was playing better than anyone else could dream of at that time. Do we hold these great players guilty for the fact that they are head and shoulders better than anyone around? I guess not. And more importantly more than worrying about how these greats have no competition we ought to leave ourselves in a state of suspended disbelief to be able to witness and appreciate their greatness in the art and see them execute everything to perfection.

    Tiger just brings the whole package with him and that is why despite the driver going awry, more often than it should, he still has the game that would transport you to another world.

    Play well.



  2. Nice comments Andy. If Tiger greatly increased his driving accuracy, he’d win every tournament he played.

    I think part of what makes Tiger so amazing is his “Seve” like ability to recover from those bad drives. Think of all the spectacular shots he’s hit from places other than the fairway.





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