No George Lopez? No Wie? Maybe Kenny G is next…

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, January 14th, 2009
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And there was much rejoicing! No George Lopez!

I was just reading one of my regular blog stops over at Geoff Shackelford’s blog. I found out that George Lopez was no longer going to be the celebrity host for the Bob Hope Desert Classic. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to actually be able to watch that tournament now! To say I’m not a George Lopez fan is as big an understatement as saying Tiger Woods is an average golfer.

Every year I’d turn on the broadcast and practically injure myself diving for the remote to change channels when Lopez would come on with his not-funny shtick.

No Michelle Wie at the Sony!

I was setting my fantasy team for this week’s Sony in Hawaii and realized that Michelle Wie wasn’t in the field. This is good. I hope this means Wie is concentrating on her LPGA season, rather than making a fool of herself.

Why not make it three?

I’m glad enough to see these omissions, but why don’t we make it a complete set? Let us go ahead a give Kenny G the boot now. He can take his kazoo and his long hair and, oh, maybe play for mountain bikers or something.

2 responses to “No George Lopez? No Wie? Maybe Kenny G is next…”

  1. G-Lo is about as funny as a root canal. Glad he’s off to other things…like funny lessons. Cheech Marin did all of that Mexicali humor about 2-3 decades ago.

  2. kjgoltz says:

    You’re right on all of the above: I hear “Lowrider” from the TV–I’m changing the channel. Now I know why laughtracks were invented…

    No Wie? No problem! She may give her competiton at the SBS at Turtle Bay a run… Maybe Sony could sponsor that one…or another LPGA tournament–they do have the “Help Wanted” sign out…

    And I thought Kenny G was already playing for mountain bikers–and snowshoers!





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