PGA Tour opener may move from Kapalua to new venue

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, January 12th, 2009
Categories: PGA Tour

The global financial crisis has hurt many industries who sponsor PGA Tour events. That combined with the fact that the Tour’s contract with Kapalua ends next year, opens up a possibility that the season opening tournament will move to a new location.

Tim Finchem:

“We have one more year on the contract with Kapalua and we are looking at some options in terms of what is the best future for this tournament.”

Personally I’ve grown to love having the Tour open in Kapalua.  It has become a small tradition and I look forward to the positive golf vibe I get in early January.  I love seeing the 400+ yard drives due to the winds and hills of the course.  I especially love seeing all the green grass of the course while I’m bundled up freezing to death in several feet of snow here at home.

I hope the tourney stays in Kapalua, but if it doesn’t I hope they’re able to find a decent replacement.

One response to “PGA Tour opener may move from Kapalua to new venue”

  1. Miranda says:

    I agree. It’s a great, great tv viewing experience to see the warm and sunny Hawaii landscape when I’m stuck in WV freezing to death.

    I think this event isn’t getting the respect it deserves because the media keeps focusing on the ones who don’t show up: Mickelson, Woods, Garcia. Well, Vijay Singh showed up and he needs surgery. So, he obviously likes the event.

    No matter where they hold this tournament, Mickelson and Woods probably won’t play. Maybe Finchem should take a poll of all of the tournament winners as to which venue they would like.