Casey Jones Golf – Goose Bumps Explained

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, December 18th, 2008
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casey jones golf  style=A few days ago I mentioned that an item arrived which got a reaction from me I’ve never experienced before. I had goose bumps. That item was a hand drawn commemorative scoreboard from my new pal Casey Jones at Casey Jones Golf.

Casey Jones scoreboard

A while back I sent in the details for my personal proudest moment in golf to Casey.  That moment was my club championship in 2005. The club champ was a year long match play competition, single elimination. Lose one match and you are done for the year. Talk about pressure.

Casey took my data and created a beautiful commemorative scoreboard by hand. The scoreboard shows my hole by hole score, the status of the match and some other great info. That round of 70 under pressure is without a doubt my best round of golf, though I’ve shot lower scores.  The scoreboard is framed up in a great looking frame.

This is one I’m happy to see up on my wall. I liked my scoreboard so much, it even bumped my favorite image of Bobby Jones to a different location. If something bumps Bobby Jones, that is a big deal.

Proudest moments preserved

A club championship is just one example of a possible candidate for a Casey Jones creation. Many other events would be great for having Casey work his magic:

• Hole in one round
• Lowest round
• First time you break 100, 90, 80, 70…
• A round at a famous course, like St. Andrews or Pebble Beach

casey jones padraig harringtonFamous clients

I have several things in common with Padraig Harringon. We both have great golf swings (Padraig’s is perhaps slightly better than mine), we’re both damn handsome (I may have the advantage on that one), and we’ve both had Casey create commemorative scoreboards for us. Casey made a scoreboard for Padraig’s four winning rounds at the 2008 British Open Championship (image right). …and what a win that was.

Other famous clients for Casey include Adam Scott, Stewart Cink and Charles Howell III.


Casey has some serious talent. Casey has a gift. Man, even the address on the shipping label, written by Casey, is super cool looking.

I’ve received hundreds of golf products to evaluate over the last four years I’ve been golf blogging, and this may be THE coolest one yet. You can get a trophy at any old trophy shop, but you can only get something this cool from one guy, Casey Jones.


I have a few more images of Casey Jones’ magic in the HOG Casey Jones Gallery.

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