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Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, December 17th, 2008
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golf hybrid bob burns no bananasThe biggest problem most high handicap golfers have is the slice, or “banana ball.” Most high ‘cappers cut across the ball from outside-in, causing a side spin which makes the ball curve right. With some hard work and likely help from a golf pro, the banana ball can be cured.

Some golfers don’t have the time or the desire to put in the work needed to cure the banana ball. They just want to go out and have fun playing golf. For those players, the Bob Burns “No Bananas” series of clubs is a great option which will have those players enjoying their rounds immediately.

How it works

The No Bananas club faces are closed (driver by up to seven degrees) and the face offset. The closed face and offset help to counteract the side spin from outside-in swings, resulting in straighter shots.

Adjustable weights allow the player to fine tune the draw or fade bias for his or her game.

On the course

My pals at Bob Burns knew that the No Bananas clubs wouldn’t find their way into my bag. Being a low single digit handicapper I don’t have a banana ball problem. So I put these clubs in the hands of a pal who I knew would benefit from them, my pal Dan.

Dan is a great guy who loves golf. He’s got quite an outside-in swing and hits many slices, fades and pushes to the right. Dan had immediate improvement when he put the No-Bananas driver and hybrid in his bag. In fact, rather than me just collecting a pile of skins at the end of the day, we pushed! That’s what hitting fairways will do for you.

golf driver bob burns no bananasQuotes

Dan had a couple of great quotes following some shots he hit with the No Bananas driver and hybrid.

I’m not used to seeing the ball go where I aim!

That’s the first time in six years I drove that green! (#14 on our home course, 275 yard driveable par four).


For immediate “antibananaification,” the Bob Burns No Bananas clubs are a great choice. They’ll help slicers enjoy the game of golf as soon as they hit their first shot. And to top them off, pun intended, the head covers are super cool.

Bob Burns Gallery

For more images of Bob Burns golf equipment, check out the Hooked On Golf Blog Bob Burns Gallery.

One response to “Bob Burns No-Bananas”

  1. kjgoltz says:

    I’ll be heading up to Appleton as soon as the snow clears to have them fit me up!





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