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Random stuff you find on the course, episode 2

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, December 15th, 2008
Categories: Miscellaneous

Back on February 14th 2006 I played a great match with my pal Luke Swilor. During that round we spotted an odd thing on the fairway, a porno dvd case. That was birth, and episode #1 of “Random stuff you find on the course.”

This past week I’ve stumbled across two items which have been submitted to the HOG Random stuff you find on the course archive. And, I’ve now created a sub gallery in the HOG Random photo gallery, Random Stuff You Find On The Course. Feel free to send me in images of odd things you find on your course.

golf cookieItem one: The giant cookie

I feel sorry for the poor chap who bought this $3.00 cookie the size of a 10″ plate. He took two bites out of it and left it on the 7th tee. I’m sorry because:

A) He forgot the cookie and missed out on all the joy of eating it while walking down the 7th fairway.
B) The cookie sucked so bad he left it there.

golf cookieItem two: Soiled underwear

Kudos to my friend Dan, who spotted this pair of soiled undies in the rough, right of #16 fairway last week.

What is the story behind these undies? What event occurred which caused someone to discard these undies? Was a guy golfing and had to discard them following an accident? Was a couple messing around on the green and had to take off when discovered?

2 responses to “Random stuff you find on the course, episode 2”

  1. Shade says:

    C’mon, Tony, admit it. You dropped ’em when your tee shot didn’t get past the ladies tee. Buwahahaha.