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Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, December 5th, 2008
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Quite the golf blog title today eh?  I’ve been using a very interesting piece of jewelery on my wrist lately by Solarra Body.  I’ve seen many magnetic and copper bracelets in use for game improvement and body health, but this one goes beyond anything I’ve seen before.  If you are looking for a Christmas gift for the golfer who has everything, this may be one option.

How it works

Solarra jewlery has a solar cell which converts light to energy.  Sunlight provides a considerably better result than artificial light.  The energy converted is then used to power a circuit board which sends out a pulse at 7.8Hz (Hertz, or cycles per second) which charges an electro-magnet which runs at 7.8Hz as well.  7.8Hz is a pretty low frequency, which can’t be heard by the human ear.  The lowest frequency we can hear is 20Hz.

The 7.8Hz electromagnetic pulse is absorbed by the body.

Why 7.8Hz?

7.8Hz is the “Alpha Wave” frequency.  Brain waves which occur when a person is the most focused and relaxed apparently occur at 7.8Hz.  This frequency is also apparently a key frequency in the Earth, as postulated by a German physicist named Schumann.  So if you are relaxed and Alpha Waving along at 7.8Hz, you are also synced up with the Earth.  I know some tree huggers who’d love that.

Solarra tests show that the average person’s stress level is reduced by 29% as a result of wearing the jewlery.  29% may be just enough to keep you from gagging on that four foot putt to beat your buddy in a $2.00 Nassau.

On The Course

I used the Solarra bracelet for a few rounds.  I also let my buddies try it out.  The first four holes I wore it, the thing was a subject of some interesting commentary.  I played the four holes in even par though.

On the 6th hole the other day, I gave the bracelet to my friend Dan.  He’d been hacking it all over the course.  The sun was setting and we were in the shade.  He put his wrist up in the air to catch some rays and charge himself up before his shot on this 240 yard par three.  What do you know?  He hit a good shot and made his first par of the day.  Coincidence?  I can’t really say.


Golfers will try anything.  Wether or not I’ve benefitted from the Alpha Waves is difficult to say.  Players who do stress out on the course, or maybe even those with the yips may just want to give this a shot.  Hell, I’d even go to a witch doctor to help my chipping.

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