Did anyone buy a Buick because Tiger endorsed them?

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, December 1st, 2008
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A few days ago, struggling General Motors announced that they were terminating their endorsement deal with Tiger Woods.  Tiger has had the Buick logo on his bag for about eight years.

Did anyone out there even consider buying a Buick because of Tiger?  This is about as disjointed an endorsement deal as having Leave It To Beaver endorse Hooters.  Please tell me if anyone out there thinks of Buicks as anything other than cars for grandmas.

What vehicle should Tiger endorse?

Now that Tiger has a free vehicle endorsement slot, perhaps a more appropriate vehicle could be chosen this time?  I heard that he owned $650,000 Porsche.  Maybe Porsche?  Better yet, perhaps there’s a great Volkswagen he could endorse:  The Volkswagen GOLF.

4 responses to “Did anyone buy a Buick because Tiger endorsed them?”

  1. Miranda says:

    I am most assuredly not a grandma and I own a Buick LaCrosse. It’s bright red, chrome all over it and looks quite sporty. I bought my brand new LaCrosse in June of this year. I’m 35, single and blissfully child free. I admit to being a bit brainwashed by all of the Buick commercials I see on tv, but Tiger’s not in the ones for the LaCrosse so I can’t say he sold me a car. I tried to be open-minded when I went car shopping, but the dealership didn’t have much of a selection. It had gambled that many people would want gas guzzling 4WD trucks and it’s pretty much bankrupt now. Anyway, the selection was essentially between one Chevy Colbalt, ugly pontiacs, one Chevy Impala, the Lacrosse and the Lucerne, and a couple of dodge products. I might have been able to be swayed into buying a Chevy product if there had been more of a selection. But I love my LaCrosse, just like I love my 1998 Chevy Lumina which I can’t bear to part with. I still have it and plan to drive it when the roads get bad because I have studded tires for it and no studded tires yet for the Lacrosse.

  2. pgaclay says:

    The reason that Buick picked up Tiger for Buick in the first place was for that very reason, they had an image of being the “grandma” car company. They brought Tiger on to try and shift the way the public viewed their brand. I think it worked to an extent. I mean I did notice that younger people were finding Buick as an acceptable car option, but for the money I think it was a flop. I agree with you when you say that no one bought a Buick just because of Tiger.

    Jaguar could keep it in the animal kingdom, and endorse a jaguar with a tiger? Maybe not.

    Clayton Garland, PGA, C.G.F.I.
    Author of: Golf Fitness FOR MEN

  3. Yes pgaclay. It worked to an extent. When they signed Tiger on, the average Buick driver was 72. At the termination of Tiger’s contract the average Buick driver was 66.


  4. JimBurgess says:

    I would say he helped Buick in a big way.No one even thought of owning won till he was their guy.. He seems to always have The Blue Collar Guy Endorsements. Nike,Buick,Gatorade. Even his watch is sub standard Tag Heuer The Blue Collar Rolex…Wheres Mercedes,Rolex,Berkshire Hathaway,Microsoft…..





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