My Utah Utes go 12-0 after crushing byu. BCS Busters 2.0!

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, November 24th, 2008
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I’m still recovering from Saturday night’s Utah/byu game. I don’t type “byu” in caps yes. I really hate ’em. I won’t give those &*$#*&s the courtesy of caps.

The Utah/byu rivalry is extremely heated and bitter. This week’s 48-24 (yes, 48-24) win was as sweet as ever for many reasons. First, beating byu ranks up there with any of the top joys in life for a Ute fan. Second, the Utes won the Mountain West Conference championship outright. Third, they went 12-0 for the 2nd time in team history, and the 2nd time in four years. Last but not least, they moved up to #6 in the polls and will be busting the BCS for a 2nd time (1st time 2004 Fiesta Bowl). It looks like the Utes will be in the Sugar Bowl this year.

I’m proud to be a Ute.

Now why am I recovering? Well first my voice is gone. I sound like I have laryngitis. Screaming obscenities at your team’s opponent for four hours is hard on your voice.

I also did some damage to my ribs and sternum at the game. After the win the audience rushed the field (see image). While climbing over the railing my Ute FootJoy MyJoys (yes I wore them to the game) slipped on the cement wall. I held on, rather then dropping 12 feet. My body weight (which there is plenty of) hit the cement wall directly on my sternum. My chest is killing me but I’m still happy!

2 responses to “My Utah Utes go 12-0 after crushing byu. BCS Busters 2.0!”

  1. fjguy says:

    The makers of FootJoy’s “MyJoys” would like to remind readers that golf shoes, drunken college football grudge matches and alcohol may lead to bruised sternums. Please wear your golf shoes responsibly.

  2. Yes. It should be noted that the first time (and only time) I’ve ever slipped in my MyJoys was scaling a 12 foot cement wall in 30 degree temperatures while possibly intoxicated and certainly euphoric…





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