Lots of talk about Sergio moving to #2. He’s #1 in some other categories though…

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, November 12th, 2008
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Yes, the blogs and golf media are buzzing with the Sergio love.  Garcia has moved up to #2 in the world past Phil Mickelson.  Good for Sergio.  The gap between #1 and #2 in the world is about as big as the 18th green at Bay Hill though.

Sergio is #1

  • There’s no doubt that Sergio is the #1 golfer without a major.  And I still bet anyone a frosty beer that he’ll never win a major.  Perhaps he’ll mature and find a way to get over that big hurdle like Phil did.  At that point I’ll owe a few people some beers.
  • Sergio is hands down the #1 “spitter in the hole” though.  And nobody denies the completely inconsiderate and classless act of spitting into a golf hole better than Sergio does. Yup. Golf is a game of honor…

4 responses to “Lots of talk about Sergio moving to #2. He’s #1 in some other categories though…”

  1. Isn’t he #1 or #2 in “Blaming Caddy” and “Silly Excuses” as well ?

  2. Miranda says:

    I’ll have you know that my blog is abuzz with Sergio love no matter what his world ranking is – LOL.

    As for everyone who would prefer to not hear about Sergio, don’t worry. The next time Anthony Kim sneezes, the Golf Channel will be all over the young phenom’s incredible nasal talents.

  3. Miranda says:

    After stepping away from the web to go feed my dogs, I have returned with another thought: my vote for #1 in excuses is John Daly. There are too many instances I could cite to back up that choice.

    The Blaming Caddy category could also be up for debate. I remember an incident earlier this year where Paula Creamer wasn’t playing well and she took it out on her caddy – the look she gave him looked very much like blaming him for her bad shot. Reportedly they made up and were okay in the next round.

  4. Hey Miranda,

    If I’m Paula Creamer’s caddy and she get’s pissed and takes it out on me and then wants to gimme a hug to make up … well, I’m a helluva lot happier than if Sergio wanted to hug me 😉

    I gotta give you one thang though, you got us on the Daly thang.

    Let’s call it a tie 1-1 and go home happy.





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