Cleaning old (sad) links out of the HOGroll

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, November 12th, 2008
Categories: Golf MediaSite News

It has taken me almost three hours of clicking and reading to go through the golf blogs in the HOG Links.  I went through and checked them all and deleted all the ones which have been inactive for more than six months or just didn’t exist anymore.  If you have a blog, I recommend doing the same to help the bots feast on fresh golf blog food.

Among the sadly ignored blogs which were apparently left for dead was the USGA blog, with a last update of January 2, 2008.   You see many entities like this try to jump on the blogwagon but they just don’t get it.  Just “having” a blog doesn’t cut the mustard folks.  Ya gotta work the thing.

Another sad find, was that the Reluctant Jam Boy has hung up his golf blog caddie bib.  Sorry to see him go, again.

A not-so-sad deletion was the Wie-Blog, with the most recent post being “Wie to attend Stanford next year.”


2 responses to “Cleaning old (sad) links out of the HOGroll”

  1. Oh, yeah, that reminds me. Can you add www. to my link on the Hog Roll ? I meant to mention that about 2-3 years ago 😉