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Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, November 10th, 2008
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One ritual many golfers enjoy is marking their balls.  I have several friends/opponents who have unique markings in specific colors which help to identify their golf balls.  Most players have a “Sharpie” in their bag to mark their golf balls and most pro shops carry them.  I’m introducing a great Sharpie alternative called IDenti-pen.


IDentipens are permanent markers which are waterproof.  They can be used for marking just about anything from golf balls to CDs to autographs.

PGA Tour Partners Club Approved

The IDentipen has been tested by over 2500 golfers and has the seal of approval from the PGA Tour Partners Club.


I really like my IDentipens because of not only how great they work, but the fact that they have dual points.

There’s a “fine” end and an “extra fine” end for more detailed writing.


The IDentipen comes in three different packs:  Single, four pack and eight pack.  The eight pack has all the colors available while the four has the most used black, blue, red and green.

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