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Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, November 8th, 2008
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I’m getting ready to either change the name of Hooked On Golf Blog to Hooked On Food Blog, or start a whole new blog dedicated to food. Since introducing the “lifestyle” section here, I’ve been swamped with some incredible culinary products. Wait a minute… forget all of that. I should start up Hooked On Hot Babes Blog… I digress.

Bachelor alert

Are you a bachelor or just a crappy cook who thinks macaroni and cheese is gourmet? Is Top Ramen considered the 7th food group? Read on.

Hitching Post Products has a very cool product/service. They make complete high quality meals or individual food dishes which they ship to you. All you have to do in order to prepare them is boil water. I realize boiling water may be difficult, but if I figured it out so can you. The meat items are open flame BBQ’d over a red oak fire pit and seasoned. Woa.

Last night I was in full on bachelor mode. I looked at the case of Top Ramen I bought at Costco and thought…nope. I thought of making a PB&J, but that wasn’t’ going to go with the merlot I was enjoying. Frosted Flakes don’t go well with merlots either…. Then I remembered I had a steak dinner in my freezer. This was my chance to test out the stuff the Hitching Post sent me.

New York steak & garlic bread, preparation in 15-20 minutes

hitching post products bbq2youhitching post products bbq2you

I read the simple instructions for my New York steak and garlic bread. Basically all I had to do was boil a large pot of water and put the sealed packets in. The garlic bread took 10 minutes and the steak took about 20. A 2nd option for preparing the bread would simply be cooking it in the oven, which in hindsight I think I’d prefer so the bread is crisp.

I like my steaks medium to medium rare. So I cooked the steak for the precise time, at 19 minutes. I was cynical about the quality but that changed when I sunk my teeth into the first bite of that steak. The steak tasted SO good I started chewing in slow motion to savor the flavor. The steak was very tender and flavorful. I also really loved how there wasn’t much fat at all on the steak.

The garlic bread tasted great as well, but I should have crisped it in the oven.

Linguica next

I have some Hitching Post Products linguica sausage I’ll be making next. If my taste buds are half as happy with the linguica I’ll be in heaven. I hope I can pull some strings with my friends at Hitching Post so I can sample a few more of their items from the lobster to the ribs. I’ll keep you posted.

Great holiday gift for that not-so-talented cook you know

With the holiday season coming up, a BBQ2YOU meal would be a great gift to send. If your husband or wife is a bad cook, you could anonymously send a meal to yourself. There’s an idea.

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For more of my Hitching Post Products images, click here.

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  1. Eat Golf says:

    I can’t believe you ordered the f’n Merlot!





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