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HOG world headquarters buried in snow

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, November 5th, 2008
Categories: Life

No golf today.  Woke up to a blanket of that cold evil white stuff today.  There were about four inches on the ground. It isn’t done either.  It is coming down hard.

Time to schedule trips south to visit friends in warm places…

6 responses to “HOG world headquarters buried in snow”

  1. mgilly200 says:

    Yuck, you need to move to Az.

  2. jretzer says:

    We’re having an Indian Summer. Photo here:


  3. We were about 70 degrees and sunny when I played today 😉

    Come on down to western Kentucky or we can hook up in Alabama on the RTJ Golf Trail.

    I’m playing the trail, starting the day after Thanksgiving.

  4. Hey Travelling… that sounds really tempting..

  5. You’re more than welcome to join us my friend !