Boggy Golf Gloves

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, November 5th, 2008
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I’m not normally a glove wearer, but with gloves from four manufacturers in my queue right now I’ve been dawning them.  First on my list was to test out the Boggy Golf gloves, since they’re currently a site sponsor (thanks!).

I’ve now had the opportunity to play a few rounds with some Boggy Golf gloves.  I’ve been very happy with the performance, durability and feel.

Design & Technology

The two primary design features of the Boggy gloves are their breathability and their grip.  I can attest that my glove hand has stayed perfectly dry.  No soggy gloves for me.  In fact, is there anything worse than taking off a soggy glove?  Yes there is: putting a soggy glove on.

My grip is very solid and secure with the Boggy glove.  My ball striking and driving distance have definitely benefitted.

Looks & Feel

I realize that since the glove in the images in this post are camoflauged you probably can’t see them.  That being said, I can tell you the Boggy Golf gloves look cool.  The designs are unique and fun.

The fabric of the glove is very smooth and comfortable, and it stretches just right when I bend my wrist and fingers.  Not too much resistance.


Boggy Golf gloves look and feel great, and they perform well.  I just might be a “glove-less to gloved” convert after wearing my Boggy Gloves for a few rounds!

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