FootJoy ProDry Golf Shirt

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, November 2nd, 2008
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That last post of my Ute golf shoes reminded me I needed to do a post on the FootJoy ProDry Superlite golf shirt.

First I have to wonder.  If FootJoy is more than a golf shoe company, shouldn’t they branch off their other products to different “Joys?”  If I’m talking about a shirt, doesn’t “TorsoJoy” more appropriately work as a company name?  If were talking about golf gloves, shouldn’t it be “HandJoy?”  Hats would be “HeadJoy.”  I’d better go register the URL right now…  OK just smack me.

ProDry Superlite

I’ve said many times that I prefer spandex or polyester over cotton.  I don’t have the time to iron my damn golf shirts.  I need shirts that come out of the dryer wrinkle free and ones which don’t shrink.  Cotton doesn’t cut it.

The FootJoy ProDry Superlite “ProDry Fabric” is very smooth and tough.  I’m gathering it is either polyeseter, spandex or a combination of both.  The fabric doesn’t wrinkle and doesn’t shrink, and provides a light and comfortable feel.

The ProDry fabric provides UV as well as “anti microbial” protection.  I’m all for protection against microbes.  No microbes, no “not so fresh” odors.


I’ve had my ProDry shirt in play for many rounds, through the 19th hole.  I’m happy with the style, quality, ease of maintenance and the durability.


More FootJoy (and TorsoJoy) images can be found in the HOG FootJoy Gallery.

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