Tattoo Golf Belts & Belt Buckles

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, October 21st, 2008
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The latest super-cool offering from Tattoo Golf is their new belts and belt buckles.

Tattoo Golf is a close friend and I definitely promote their aggressive golf apparel and accessories every chance I get.

I had a hard time explaining to some lady golfers what appeared to be me taking pictures of my crotch on the 6th hole the other day. I was shooting pics of my Tattoo Golf belt and belt buckle. I’m not sure they believed my story…


You can pick up the belt alone for $19.99.  The belt is a thick and wide “biker leather” belt with the trademark skull and golf bones logo stamped into it.

Belt Buckle

The belt buckles can be purchased individually as well for $19.99 and come in two flavors: silver and black backgrounds.  The one I’m wearing is the black flavor.

Belt & Buckle combo

You can save a few bucks if you buy the two items together.  I have one recommendation though.  The design of the buckle essentially adds some length to the belt.  You have to be sure to get a version of the belt which is about one size smaller if you get the buckle.

I’ve gotten a ton of comments on my Tattoo Golf belt and belt buckle.   I love wearing them (and many other TG items) around the stuffy country clubs.  I meet dress code, but they still look at me funny… which is good.

3 responses to “Tattoo Golf Belts & Belt Buckles”

  1. pafitz1 says:

    Hi, I was wondering if this belt could be adjusted to fit a VERY thin boy,well he has just turned 13? Probably about a 24-26″ waist size? Thanks Patti-Anne

  2. nikki_frank says:

    Cool design! Where did your friend purchase it? I have bought belt buckles for my boyfriend as a birthday gift. I was a bit lost where to buy unique looking rhinestone buckles because that was his specific request. There was not much belts specialty store in my location. Good thing I was able to find one in the net. I bought it from &*$&*(#$&#(.com. I got the shipment on time. Thank goodness. My boyfriend loves it.

  3. Gee “Nikki” did you actually read the post? My “friend” didn’t purchase it. It is MY golf belt and buckle, given to me by Tattoo Golf. Oh, and I blotched out your spam link too Nikki. That’s a pretty lame attempt at driving people to your site.





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