LPGA losing sponsors

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, October 18th, 2008
Categories: LPGA Tour

LPGA title sponsor ADT Security is not renewing its contract after this season.  This marks the 5th title sponsor the LPGA has lost this year.  ADT says they’re “investing in growth areas of their business more closely aligned with their customers.”  Is that doubletalk for “we didn’t see a return on our investment from the Asian, lesbian and golf calendar girl crowd?”

5 responses to “LPGA losing sponsors”

  1. Miranda says:

    Maybe they realized that the women golfers at these events probably live in gated communities and don’t really need ADT security.

    Seriously, although it sounds sexist, I expect it’s the man of the house who deals with getting a security system installed and the men probably aren’t watching LPGA golf.

  2. AndyBrown says:

    It’s happening and there seems to be no end in sight. While everyone was busy focusing their attention on the PGA Tour which has decent secure contracts with most of the big guys the shocks are being felt elsewhere. This news about the LPGA Tour paints a more real picture of how the sponsors are viewing the game. Of course, besides this, the fact is that most of the guys who are associated with the game and back their tournament sponsorship with other corporate events and other shows to prop up their association with the game are getting cold feet and pulling out. HSBC, is one such big fish that is slowly trying to wriggle out of the big level commitments it has made to the game and is in the process of tightening its belt.

    Honestly I find it hard to fathom how LPGA will manage to find a new sponsor in this sort of an economic environment and their own Public relation faux pas’ in the recent past have not really helped their cause much

  3. 4Checker says:

    The LPGA is talking out of both sides of their mouth.

    On one hand they want their players to speak English (and we all know their problem is more with the Asian players than the European ones).

    But on the other hand they don’t mind having a tournament in mainland China (which I’m sure was a financial decision, not a humanitarian one).

    Besides, you say “Lesbian”, “Asian”, and “Calendar Girl” like it’s a bad thing !!!?!

    P.S. The security phrases I’m having to type in for this posting are “Peterson” and “Whore”. I sh*t you not. I’m sure Suzann’s lawyers will be contacting you shortly.

  4. I’m all for Asian lesbian calendar girls. Don’t get me wrong…

    Unfortunately my security code isn’t as interesting:

    “Cragin Orth.” …whatever that is

  5. 4Checker says:

    Aaron Cragin was a congressman from New Hampshire in the 19:th century. An orth is a two-headed dog in Greek Mythology.

    I guess that makes “Cragin Orth” a two-faced politician. I’m shocked, SHOCKED, I tell you.





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