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Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, October 16th, 2008
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I’m so happy today. I just putted on perhaps the best greens I’ve EVER putted on at one of my favorite courses, Bonneville. It was such a pleasure to putt on greens so pure and fast. I’m guessing they were a 12 on the stimp meter, with NO bumps. Smooooooth. If you hit a 39 foot putt on line with the right speed, it never varied and went straight in the hole.  You had to really place approach shots in the precise location.  You had to nut up and hit your chips perfectly or they were gone.  As fast as the greens were, they still held shots and properly played chips.  Perfect.

Bonneville GC 1st Tee

Bonneville GC 1st Tee

I had a great time playing with my normal Thursday group, with the addition of my pop. My pop and I took on my other two buddies in a nassau. It all came down to the 18th hole. All the bucks and bragging rights were on the line as we were tied.   First, my 71 year old dad blows his drive past my friend John, an ex-marine with hands as strong as a bull. Then I drain a 20 footer for birdie to bury our opponents and send them for their wallets.

The greens at Bonneville were so pure I just can’t get over it. Pure. This traditional, tree lined course is special, as you can see from the picture I shot from the 1st tee.  I play well and putt amazingly on this course.  Is there some kind of vibe I get from this course?  Perhaps so, since it opened the day I was born.

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