Nike advertising at the urinal, where it belongs

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, October 8th, 2008
Categories: Golf Equipment

Man, is there any golf entity that twists the facts around more than Nike’s advertising department? Remember back when Nike said they had the most played irons at the Masters, after they paid all the 70 year old former champions to play them? Remember when Nike said they had the “#1 new driver brand?

So I’d had a few too may cups o’ Joe the other day before my round. I needed to make a quick stop to the bathroom before I teed off.

I get to the urinal. I get things started. I have a good grip on it.  I consider how under-clubbed I really am, but hey it works.

Women probably don’t have these but men’s bathrooms have cork boards where they spam you while you’re standing there taking care of business.  I look up at said billboard to see this Nike ad:    “Winningest driver and ball combo PGA Tour.”  WTF?

Nike forgot to finish the sentence with the following:  “…on a Tuesday at 4:37P.M. ET, February 29th in a leap year during a full moon when Tiger Woods is playing and while the circus is in town and during sunspots.”

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