Kountry Boys Sausage lowers golf scores

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, September 24th, 2008
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kountry boys sausageGolf clubs with laser beams on them. Odd contraptions you hook to your arms, legs, feet, head. Glasses and contacts with special lenses which help you hit better golf shots. Computer programs, iPhone GPS tracking systems… I’ve seen everything known to man in golf. I’ve got a pile of golf inventions guaranteed to take strokes off my game in my living room just waiting to be reviewed on this site. Little did I know that the true way to play better golf doesn’t lie in gadgets and technology. It is sausage.

Golf and sausage?

I’m writing a review on sausage? I can’t believe it myself. What possesses a company to send a golf blog sausage for review is beyond even the deep, dark, twisted contents of my cranium. What’s next? Gourmet chocolate sauce? Oh, wait… never mind.

Kountry Boys Sausage

Well I’m doing it. I’m writing about sausage. I got some boxes the other day and inside were dozens of samples of Kountry Boys Sausage in many flavors. I couldn’t help laughing. I received two types of sausage. The first was more of a dried “jerky” type like a Slim Jim. The 2nd was a more moist and thicker kind for cooking on the BBQ or putting in pasta or many other applications. I threw the jerky sticks in my golf bag and forgot about them.

On the course

I always do an “on the course” section in my golf equipment reviews so here goes.

Last week I’m playing with my buddies when I ran across the sausage sticks in my golf bag. I was cruising along at three over par, playing some middle of the road uninspired golf. On the 6th tee I busted the sausage out and introduced Kountry Boys to myself and my pals.

Man this stuff is tasty! I hit a huge drive down this par four while practically still chewing on a bite, slight draw, lots of roll. My pals and I laughed. “Haha. Nice drive. You’ll have to hit all your shots while eating sausage.”  That’s just what I did on that hole.

kountry boys sausageI hit a gap wedge to the green while chomping. The shot never left the flagstick and finished about eight feet below the hole. When it was my turn to putt, I took another bite. I lined up the putt and poured it in for birdie. No doubt.

I shot -2 the rest of the round, post sausage. Proof positive that Kountry Boys Sausage lowers my golf scores.

I’ve since cooked up the bigger sausages on the barbie and enjoyed every last bite. I chopped some up and made a nice spicy pasta too. Man this stuff is good.


Whether you are a golfer or not, Kountry Boys Sausage is super tasty and there are many flavors and styles to choose from.  If you do golf, your game will certainly improve while eating KBS.

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