BallBrite Golf Ball Cleaner

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008
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ballbrite golf ball cleanerI’ve said here many times there’s nothing better than having clean balls. Clean balls inspire confidence, increase performance and can lead to better scores. BallBrite is a ball cleaning pouch which hangs from your golf bag or your belt loop, which does a great job insuring just that.

How it works

You wet the inside of the pouch and slide your golf ball inside. Once inside you can rub the outside of the pouch, working the ball around inside. The ball comes out clean, leaving the dirt and grass inside the pouch. The pouch is waterproof so it doesn’t leak onto your clothes. When you get home, you can wash the pouch with your laundry.

On the course

Rather than spitting on my ball and rubbing the grass and dirt with my hands, increasing bacteria and dirtying my hands, I use the BallBrite.

I’m not big on carrying a large golf towel to the green. And I’m not big on having items attached to my waist when I’m playing. So I’ll hook my BallBrite with the attached loop to my putter cover, which has a hole for attaching small towels. That way I have the unit with me on or near the green.

I love putting with a perfectly clean and shiny ball and I often wonder how my performance on full shots can be effected if the ball has dirt or grass debris on the surface. The BallBrite cleans the ball very well and assures me of top performance. Being waterproof, the unit allows me to have clean hands and clean clothes.


The BallBrite is a nice accessory which is simple, effective and well made. The unit will last a long time and provide many years of clean balls. For less than $20 I can be sure my balls are rolling and flying true. That $20 can be made up quickly in prize money and bets!

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