Golf partner yells at two old ladies

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, September 19th, 2008
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On the first hole yesterday I saw a ball in front of my buddy while he was hitting his 3rd shot (par 5).  A few holes later apparently a ball nearly hit my buddy while he was walking off the green.  It seems the two old ladies in the group behind us were not only pushing us, with nowhere to go, but were hitting into us.

The old ladies, and I mean around 70ish, caught us on #6 tee.  My pal turned to them and in a very stern voice said “Hey you.  Stop hitting into us.  You nearly hit me twice.  We’re playing as fast as we can and waiting for the group in front of us on every shot.  If you hit one more ball at me I’m hitting it back at you.”

He was right.  They were rude and should have waited.  Even old ladies need a tounge lashing sometimes.

One response to “Golf partner yells at two old ladies”

  1. kjgoltz says:

    And I hope you and your buddy reported that incident to the starter! We don’t need that on ANY course!!!