Sweet & Saucy – Mint Fudge

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, September 10th, 2008
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sweet & saucy fudgeTonight I had some tough duty. I had to review some gourmet gluten free mint fudge. How a golf blog ends up with mint fudge to review is beyond me but I’m not complaining.

Sweet & Saucy

Sweet & Saucy is a mother/daughter company which makes many different caramels and sauces. Their recipes and batches are hand made from natural ingredients you don’t need to look up in a dictionary.

Mint Fudge

Tonight’s mint fudge was so insanely tasty. I scooped up some vanilla ice cream and poured some of the fudge (heated) on top. Talk about heaven. My kids loved it too, and had fun giving me their critiques, all good. They’d like to see me do more reviews on chocolate items and less reviews of golf equipment.

sweet and saucy fudgeFudge & Golf?

Like I said, I have no idea how mint fudge and golf are related. There’s an old golfer’s tale I heard once though from a mysterious Scotsman I met once. It said something along the lines of “golfers who eat mint fudge play very well and win all their bets the next day on the course.”

I hope that tale is right because my weekly big money Thursday game is tomorrow. If that proves to be true, I’ll be celebrating my win tomorrow evening with even more mint fudge!

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