Swingreminders give you positive swing thoughts

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, September 5th, 2008
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I had a great couple of days in Vegas last week at the 2008 Fall PGA Expo. The person I hung out with the most down there was my pal Scott from Swingerminders. Swingreminders are wooden tokens you carry with you on the course which give you great positive swing thoughts. Check out my quick interview with Scott below.

Swingreminders are also one of the weekly fantasy prizes in the HOG Space Fantasy golf league for 2008. Scott, you have my gratitude!

2 responses to “Swingreminders give you positive swing thoughts”

  1. ePro Sport says:

    Interesting swing aid, nothing digital or high tech about that! The old school premise is good, if only it could have been applied to something more players would want to have.

  2. Yes, old school. Now I do use a casino ship as a ball marker. So having a wooden chip like this with one good thought per round is something a player may want to have.