Gatorade Tiger lacks in the flavor department

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, August 21st, 2008
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gatorade tigerIt is around 100 degrees here. When it gets that hot I can’t just drink water on the course. If I only drink water I end up with what the Greeks call “evil eye.” Evil eye is a mind splitting headache centered in my right eyeball. It hurts so bad and the only thing that helps is putting a freezing cold towel on my head and neck.


If I hydrate with a sports drink in these extreme conditions I seldom get the evil eye. My strength, concentration and endurance are also better. I’ve been drinking Gatorade for years and have grown to love the purple fierce and red flavors. I drink so much Gatorade in the summer that I’ve started buying the mix at Coscto and making my own. The cost per ounce is about 100th as much when you make your own.

Gatorade Tiger – Flavors

I tried three flavors of Gatorade Tiger. I think there are only three at this point. There’s the greenish “Cool Fusion” (not to be confused with the infamous “cold fusion”), purple “Quiet Storm” and the cherry red “Red Drive.”

gatorade tiger fierce stormOn The Course

I started out golfing with my pop on a hot day. We played the first hole and half of #2. My dad’s tee shot on #2 hit trees. His 2nd shot, trees. 3rd shot, trees. I stopped him before he hit the fourth shot and told him to drink some Gatorade Tiger. I told him this sports drink was how Tiger kept his shots from hitting trees. After taking a drink of Cold Fusion, my dad’s next shot from the forest came out clean. My dad didn’t hit another tree the rest of the round. We deduced that Gatorade Tiger prevents you from hitting trees.

Tiger must have sensitive taste buds ’cause they taste drab to me

As I said before, I love the Gatorade purple Fierce flavor. The purple Quiet Storm flavor doesn’t taste as good to me. In fact, I find that all the Gatorade Tiger flavors aren’t anything special. They all seem a bit lacking in flavor. Perhaps Tiger Woods has sensitive taste buds.


The flavors aren’t the best I’ve tasted in sports drinks. I think maybe Gatorade spent a little too much time coming up with cool names and not enough on flavor. That being said I may still keep a small bottle of Gatorade Tiger in my bag in case I catch a bout of “tree-itis.”

2 responses to “Gatorade Tiger lacks in the flavor department”

  1. tiger2234 says:

    I am curious if tiger took the rest of the year off because he would fail the PGA drug test for HGH or something like that.. Seems weird that having his knee scoped would keep him out the rest of the year and to miss two majors.. Think about it.. If he were to test positive for something he’d lose a LOT of endorsements and money as well as admiration around the world… Being off for so long gives ample time to get it out of his system.. Just a thought….

  2. That theory has been bantered about cyberspace. One flaw though, is that most people don’t know that he could be tested, even while injured.





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