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Talkin’ smack & backin’ it up

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, August 19th, 2008
Categories: Hackers

In my round with my dad yesterday I came to the par-3 13th hole at +2. My ball striking, especially my irons, had been pretty good. I guess practicing a bunch of 5-irons on the range helped that day.

On the tee of this 155 yard hole I announced “I haven’t had a hole in one in 7 years.” I nailed an 8-iron and it never left the flagstick. From the tee it looked like it hit the stick.

When we got to the green my ball was about five feet behind the hole. My ball mark was TWO inches right of the cup. If I would have aimed two inches farther left I would have flown the thing right in.

I made the putt for birdie enroute to a 74.

UPDATE: 24 hours later.  I guess I can’t quite back it up all the time.  I just flamed out in my club championship.  Maybe next year.

One response to “Talkin’ smack & backin’ it up”

  1. Jo1999 says:

    That sound fun!