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Bogey Lounge back on the map?

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, August 19th, 2008
Categories: Golf Media

One of the original and great all time golf blogs is my pal Spiro’s Bogey Lounge.  With the birth of Spiro’s first child and the responsibilities that go with it (I know), the Lounge started to sputter.

Being the smart cat Spiro is, he’s brought on someone to take up the writing slack.  I’m glad to see Bogey man has still got the desire to keep the lounge going.

“Hoe”-gey lounge

The posts at the Lounge have taken on quite a look, and I mean “look”!  There are many “golf babes” and other “babes” featured.  No complaints here.  A little window shopping never hurts.  The day that checking out hotties doesn’t do it for me will be the day I’m a little concerned.

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  1. Jo1999 says:

    This is interesting!