Balls on a wire

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, August 14th, 2008
Categories: Hackers

Today was my usual Thursday grudge match. We played a different course which wasn’t in our normal rotation. They’d “added” black tees, but essentially the black tees are the same as the old blues. On a couple of holes they extended the tees back on the par-5s. I guess they’re trying to give some defense to this old course from today’s long bombers.


So on one of those par-5s which was extended something very odd happened. I teed off first and crushed my drive. Best contact of the day. Unfortunately my ball pegged the power line going over the blue tee which was now in the line of fire. I re-teed and hit one good, but not as solid down the middle. My friend John was up next. Guess what? He hit the same damn wire with his drive. What are the odds?


At the end of the round we tallied up the bets. We play the following bets: Individual player versus player nassau, greenies on every hole, sandies, skins, stars (a buck for 4 pars in a row or better), and finally 6-holers, where we rotate partners every 6 holes.

At the end of each round is a total mess which takes about 30 minutes to settle. Today EVERY bet tied between the three of us. No money changed hands with literally hundreds of possibilities.

One response to “Balls on a wire”

  1. kovogolf says:

    What are the odds of that. I had that happen to me once, but I could of sworn I was going to win big money. I was so pissed.