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PGA Tour golf shorts at Costco

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, August 7th, 2008
Categories: Golf Apparel

I was picking up a 17.2 year supply of toilet paper the other day at Costco when I stumbled upon some nice golf shorts. As it turned out they were PGA TOUR branded! I picked up four pairs to last me through the winter, since I don’t wear long pants.

These shorts are very nice, with soft fabric. They have a PGA Tour logo embroidered on the top and on the inside. They’re pleated and have a neat pocket for your ball marker or divot tool. They also have a rubberized waist band on the inside, presumably to keep your golf shirt tucked in during your swing.

pga tour logo shortspga tour logo shorts

Costco bait and switch

I was happy to see the price for sizes SM-XXL were $14.99 a pair. Great! On the way out the door I checked my receipt and they’d charged me $19.99 per pair. I went to customer service and complained that I’d been over charged. They brought the product display to me, which showed that sizes SM-XXL were $14.99, but sizes 32-40 were $19.99. That’s bait and switch. I’d think that size 32-40 would classify as between SM and XXL, but maybe I need to check my medication.

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