Player formerly known as “Female Tiger Woods” misses yet another cut on the PGA Tour

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, August 2nd, 2008
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michelle wie tiger woods Yawnnn… ZZZZZZZ. Oh, is this thing on?

As you may know, I’m golf blog boycotting a certain player who was formerly referred to as “the female Tiger Woods” (FTW). FTW seems to prefer getting her ass handed to her by the men of the PGA Tour rather than paying her dues on the LPGA.

Once again, I’ll mention her name and give her props when she wins something… anything… a game of tic-tac-toe perhaps.

Apparently everyone in her circle (except her very wise parents) were strongly recommending she not play this week. Her coach, her management firm and even her pet parakeet were against it.

FTW’s coach David Leadbetter

“There’s far too much negative energy surrounding Michelle right now. She’s getting slated by everyone. She is going to be like a pariah if she is not careful. This is the wrong decision.”

At least FTW clearly and concisely explained her position on playing against the men. Please read this paragraph a minimum of FIVE times. It gets better each time.

“I think a decision is a decision whether it’s a wrong decision or a right decision. It’s a decision that I made and, you know, I’m not going to pull out. I’m not going to second-think my decision. I’ve already made my decision to play here and I shot a pretty decent round today. I’m not going to think about what people are going to think about me and other things that I can’t control.”

Hooked On Phonics

Someone has obviously been working with FTW on her English. She didn’t say “like” in that entire paragraph! Perhaps I need decide to make a decision and think about what I’m going to think about to “second-think” my decided decision opinions on FTW…. like.

More on this subject by my pal Jay Flemma here.

One response to “Player formerly known as “Female Tiger Woods” misses yet another cut on the PGA Tour”

  1. erbrown911 says:

    When Michelle burst onto the scene, she conducted herself as a very mature 13 year old. Now, she just acts and sounds like she’s 13.





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