Bridgestone TreoSoft Golf Ball Review

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, July 30th, 2008
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I’ve really loved the performance of many Bridgestone golf balls. The B330 and B330-S as well as the E5 and E6 have provided me with great performance on the course. I have a new ball to add to the list from Bridgestone, the “TreoSoft.”

bridgestone TreoSoft golf ball


The TreoSoft is a two piece ball, meaning it has a large core and an outer cover. The core employs some very cool and innovative technology. Rather than being one density throughout, the core changes in density from center out. This “soft gradational compression” results in more energy transfer at impact and helps moderate swing golfers gain more distance. Despite having what some would call a “hard” cover, I can attest that this core gives the TreoSoft an extremely soft feel.

The cover is a soft surlyn ionomer plastic with 330 dimples and no seam. The surlyn, dimples and lack of a seam (a.k.a.”seamless technology”) optimize distance and roll with a shallower angle of descent.

On The Course

I’ve enjoyed the feel, durability, distance and performance of the TreoSoft. I have been fighting golfer’s elbow for a few years and hard core golf balls hurt my elbow badly. The TreoSoft’s gradational core doesn’t “hurt” my elbow or my game when hitting driver.

bridgestone TreoSoft golf ballThe ball flight of the TreoSoft is solid and doesn’t balloon in windy conditions. The lower spin of this ball also keeps the ball in play since side spin is kept at a minimum. Hooks and slices in severe wind can really take you off course with some golf balls, but not the TreoSoft.

Short game is where a person who plays golf at a high level may need to be conscious of the ball’s performance. I wouldn’t call the TreoSoft a “spin” ball. I don’t get much back spin from the TreoSoft. When hitting full wedges or short irons to a soft green, the TreoSoft hits and stops. This isn’t necessarily a negative. Most amateurs don’t benefit from insane backspin anyway.

When chipping and pitching with the TreoSof I find it better to play running shots rather than trying to check the ball.

The TreoSoft’s surlyn cover is extremely durable. I can shred the ball a bit with my super sharp grooves and milled wedges, but the ball remains playable unlike softer cover balls.


The $30 TreoSoft is a great ball for players who want a soft feel but want durability as well. Typically these two performance characteristics don’t come hand in hand. The ball performs well on full shots, flies true and solid, and doesn’t have excessive spin.

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