HOG world tour heads to Las Vegas today

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, July 27th, 2008
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I got back from my California vacation Friday night.  Yesterday I had enough time to get my stuff ready to head to Vegas today.  I’m there for 2.5 days golfing and doing some golf travel industry research for upcoming golf travel blogs I’ll be writing here.  I’ll be hanging out with my friends from Las Vegas Golf Adventures, playing golf at the TPC of Las Vegas as well as the Jack Nicklaus designed Reflection Bay in Lake Las Vegas .  If you haven’t been to Lake Las Vegas you should put it on your list.  What a beautiful and neat place.  Obviously, I’ll have a TON of photos posted later in the week.

Best Food In Las Vegas?

I’ll be eating at my favorite restaraunt in the world tonight (and probably tomorrow night), Batista’s Hole In The Wall.  Lasagna (best ever), Italian salad, garlic bread, cheap house wine and awesome cappuccino are my choice.   All that great Italian food and the ambiance of having “Gordy” the accordian player playing at your table.  It doesn’t get any better.

Whenever Gordy comes up to the table and asks for a request, I always ask for “The Flight Of The Bumble Bee.”  Anyone who knows that tune knows you’d have to be a virtuoso musician to play it.  Instead, Gordy busts out “The Godfather” theme and sticks the according close to your ears and says “feel the bass.”  I can’t wait.

3 responses to “HOG world tour heads to Las Vegas today”

  1. Eat Golf says:

    hey there was a video going around on youtube of a guy playing flight of the bumble bee on an accordion and it was awesome!

  2. Eat Golf says:

    Here it is Korsakov – Flight of the bumble bee:

  3. kovogolf says:

    Best food in Vegas…Medieval times…