Blogcation in Southern Cal – Then Vegas

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, July 24th, 2008
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guru on the beachSoCal

Greetings from Annaheim California. I’ve been hanging down here on the beach for a few days, taking a very needed vacation with my kids. I’m a bit sunburned in the non golf-tan areas like the tops of my feet and my scalp!

About the picture on the right: I have my Bobby Jones hat on to protect my burned scalp, my new Adidas sunglasses (review coming soon), my King Golf Royal T shirt, my Otterbox 3500 case to protect my valuables from the sand and sea, and my Taylormade Backpack to carry it all in!

Yesterday found us at Knott’s Berry Farm, riding all the awesome roller coasters. Today we’ll be back south at Laguna Beach. Tomorrow it is looking like perhaps the San Diego Zoo, or maybe checking out LA, Beverly Hills and Hollywood. It has been a while since I pulled into Ricardo Montalban’s driveway and yelled “Khaaaaaaaaaaaannnnn!”

My hotel’s free internet connection has been down about 50% of the time I’ve been here, but strangely the $10/day connection seems to be up and running fine. So my blog posts have been a bit more sparse than normal.

Vegas next

I get home Friday night about midnight. I have enough time Saturday to wash the sand out of my clothes for my departure on Sunday. I’m heading to Vegas to spend some time with my friends at Las Vegas Golf Adventures. I’m going to be evaluating and blogging about their services, checking out Harrah’s and evaluating out two Vegas golf courses: Reflection Bay and the TPC of Las Vegas.

5 responses to “Blogcation in Southern Cal – Then Vegas”

  1. kovogolf says:

    Hey…I’m in NP on 29th street. You should check out the US Open of surf championships in Huntington Beach..

  2. I was there Tuesday at Huntington Beach! That’s where I took the photo! Very cool, especially with the street shut down and all the shops there.

  3. Yes there’s a helicopter right above my head.

  4. Eat Golf says:

    Wait, I thought golfers always tried to AVOID sand and water – yet here you are vacationing at the beach? – HA!

    I see in the picture that you used the “I’ll just bury my feet under a pile of sand” method to protect your feet from frying in the sun – nice job! That’s usually more of an advanced move – you must be gifted with the natural skillz for kicking back and relaxing – I bet you could get even better at it if you spent more time practicing


  5. I tried to avoid sand and water in the last tournament I played in. It was a total disaster and I left humiliated. So I’m happy to spend time away from golf for a week but in sand and water. Perspective.

    Yes I was trying to prevent the tops of my feet from getting burned. Worked well. Didn’t manage to prevent my scalp from getting burned though with my buzz hair cut. I also didn’t manage to prevent the dreaded jock sand road rash. Man that hurts.





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