Golf Chick tan line a tragedy? I think not

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, July 21st, 2008
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In this post, The Golf Chick tells of a playing parnter’s tan line tragedy. Her partner apparently golfs enough to have what my friends and I affectionately call a “golfer’s tan.” A golfer’s tan would be a tan face, tan arms and tan legs.  Kristen says “don’t let this happen to you.”  I respectfully disagree.

golf tanTragedy or triumph?

I do not consider this a tragedy at all. The more defined a golfer’s tan line the more triumphant and impressive it is. I just shot my feet here in my hotel room in Southern California to show how impressive my golf tan is. Keep in mind I’ve been out in the sun for a couple of days in my flip-flops so the white part of my feet has tanned a bit. The distinction between my white feet and tan legs was even greater a few days ago.

6 responses to “Golf Chick tan line a tragedy? I think not”

  1. touchtype says:

    thank you thank you thank you … my day is complete, my life is focused and i can go out in the world with my head up — what a great story! and a picture, too!

  2. Well touchtype I aim to please. Glad to help.

  3. kovogolf says:

    What? No tats?

  4. Um no tats. And from the time I’ve spent on the beach here I’ve come to the conclusion that the hottest business in the next 20 years will be tattoo removal.

  5. With me living in Texas, I always have a solid golfers tan. I get flap from the wife because of the golf tan though.

    I also wear a hat which will also results in a white forehead and red/tan face. I’m not too fond of the half white, half tan face though.

  6. mhannah says:

    Funny, I should find this now! I finally got my husband to wear the short golf socks. He complained all weekend about the tan line that showed where his former socks ended. Once he tans down to the new socks, maybe I’ll get him into golf sandals! Not!! He’s too much of a traditionalist!






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