Harrington wins 2nd Open in a row

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, July 20th, 2008
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Padraig Harrington wins 2nd Open in a row

A few days ago I made a post saying that Padraig Harrington was questionable for even playing in the Open due to a wrist injury. Thus he didn’t make my fantasy team. He stuck it out through the pain and had a great performance to win his 2nd Open in a row. Truly impressive.

On the 17th hole Padraig hit one of the best shots I’ve seen on the back nine at the Open. He reached the par five in two with a fairway wood in winds that were 30-40 miles per hour. Not only did he reach, he knocked it super close. His eagle putt fell and sealed his four shot win.

Congrats to Padraig. I’m sure the pubs in Ireland will be rockin’ as they celebrate his victory

Greg Norman

Greg Norman put on a hell of a show at the British Open this week. I was rooting for him to win the whole thing. Starting with three straight bogeys didn’t help his cause, but he was in the hunt most of the round. He lipped out what seemed to be almost every putt. If a few of those dropped he could have cruised home with his 3rd Open win.

After the round today you could see that Greg’s new wife Chris Evert was devastated that he didn’t win.

Brutal conditions

The winning score was +3 for a four shot margin. T3 was +9. Nine over par. The brutal winds and severely deep rough of this year’s British Open made the U.S. Open look more like the Bob Hope.

4 responses to “Harrington wins 2nd Open in a row”

  1. Miranda says:

    Before Norman began his round, ABC interviewed Evert and she had that “You did the best you could” tone of voice that moms use when their kid loses in the first round of the school spelling bee. I didn’t see her after the round to see how devastated she looked, but she didn’t sound too hopeful in that interview. Of course that could just be because tennis players in general don’t think of golf as a sport. There are a few exceptions, like Nadal.

  2. touchtype says:

    chrissy evert? devastated? not likely. some interviewer, i think on the third day, was doing an inane interview with evert, who quickly turned the conversation to “How Good I Would Be as a Golfer.” she and norman, probably the most arrogant s.o.b. in golf, deserve each other. on the other hand, i was pulling for norman — what a great victory it would have been for him and for golf.
    (whaddya mean you didn’t see her afterwards to see ‘how devastated she was?’ you didn’t see her? and tell us she was devastated?

  3. Not following you there touchtype.

  4. kovogolf says:

    No way..I give Chjrissy credit for a rejuvenated Norman…





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