Incredible back nine yesterday

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, July 18th, 2008
Categories: Hackers

Every Thursday my buddies and I have a grudge match. We’ve been having the “Thursday game” for 15 years or so now. Yesterday it was just me versus my good pal Arnie. Arnie is a great golfer with a deadly short game.

On the front nine we tied, thanks to me gagging on the 9th hole when I was 1-up. On the par four #11 Arnie had a blind shot from about 120 yards over a tall tree. He hit the shot right at the green but we couldn’t find the ball. Sure enough, the ball was in the hole. This marked the 2nd round in a row that Arnie eagled a par four.

At the short par four #14 I’m close to the green and Arnie is about 60 yards out. This green is a two tier green, impossible to keep the ball on the green when going from the top to the bottom tier. Arnie hit a perfect approach which rode the top of the tier. It started slowly creeping down the tier and dropped straight in the hole for another eagle on a par four. I yelled over to him “I surrender!”

two eagles on one par fourMy lie was on a severe upslope below left of the green. I was shooting up the bottom tier. I chose to take my shot up the tier and let it come back. I hit the chip very crisp and it went up the tier and nearly stopped. It started to trickle back slowly. The ball picked up enough speed and started rolling right to the hole. BOOM! I dropped it for eagle right on top of Arnie’s eagle!

That shot gave me enough momentum to win the match, though we shot the same score of 74.

Anyone ever see THREE eagles on par fours in nine holes with two players? I hadn’t until yesterday.

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