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Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, July 17th, 2008
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Tattoo Golf Bag Organizer BenningtonAny regular reader here knows I’m about the biggest Tattoo Golf fan and endorser on the planet. I have so many cool Tattoo Golf shirts, hats, golf club covers, tees, gloves, stickers and now I’m glad to have the kick-ass Tattoo Golf Cart Bag.

Tattoo Golf QO-10 Cart Bag

The Tattoo Golf QO-10 is a monster of a cart bag. It stands much taller than a typical golf bag because the body of the bag or protection, runs all the way up to the head of the clubs. Nothing is better than having protection which runs all the way up to the head. Ahem.


This is a super sharp looking bag. My close friends at Tattoo Golf know how much I love the color black, so they set me up with the all black version. Other available colors include blue, chrome, white, red and yellow.

Of course, the pièce de résistance is the awesome Tattoo Golf “skull and club bones” logo which is finely embroidered onto the bag where the golf ball pocket is located.

Club organizer

Each club has its own protective tube which makes getting the clubs out and putting them back in very easy. The clubs don’t snag or stick to each other, preventing the “4-iron black eye.” The “4-iron black eye” is where you grab your 9-iron out of your bag but the 4-iron, which is stuck to it, pops you in the eye.

The outside tubes for the irons are fanned out (see picture #1). This prevents the “colonel clank” (I’m in the quote zone) of club heads knocking into each other while your bag is on the move. No noise and no dinged up club heads. I’m glad my Tattoo Golf Bag prevents my beautiful irons and other clubs from damaging themselves in the bag.

Rubber feet

The bottom of this bag has some very cool and unique rubber feet. I’ve had many golf bags wear out from the bottom up but these thick feet will prevent that from happening until about the 42,834th round. The feet also help keep the bag from sliding in the golf cart or on a pull or push cart.

golf bag tattoo golf15 minutes to find your car keys

We’re talking about a cart bag here so we’re not skimping on storage. The QO-10 has… hold on I’m counting them… got it… TWELVE pockets. There’s so much storage in this bag it is ridiculous. Check out the 2nd picture of this article where I had four freakin’ water bottles in the insulated beverage pocket. I could have fit another! Thank goodness too because that day in Palm Springs it was 110 degrees.

There are pockets for everything in this bag. I mentioned the massive insulated beverage pocket. The “dry” pocket is fleece lined and nicely sealed to keep out wind, dust and rain. Inside the dry pocket is another pocket for your valuables or watch. The side pockets have plenty of storage for your rain gear, accessories, extra gloves, golf balls, sweatshirts, lunch, a case of beer, a keg of beer. I think you get the point.

Tattoo Golf Bag Organizer BenningtonOn the course

I’ve put my Tattoo Golf QO-10 to many tests. It’s tough job but someone has to do it.

The first test was to see if the airlines could destroy it. Of course not. I used the bag on electric golf carts and push/pull hand carts for dozens of rounds. No problems. All of the pockets are easy to access from the golf cart or hand cart.

There are strategically placed handles which would be out of place on a carry bag. Being a cart bag, you need to grab the bag differently when mounting it to the cart. The handles are placed just in the right places to get the proper leverage.

I had the opportunity to test out the rain cover about a week ago. The cover worked great and was very easy to install. My clubs stayed nice and dry.

Tattoo Golf Gallery

For more pics of this cool golf bag and many other Tattoo Golf products, click here.


The QO-10 golf bag is another great addition to the ever expanding Tattoo Golf empire. There are some great technologies and innovations in this bag which make the game more enjoyable and hassle free. This bag protects your valuable golf club investment, keeps all your golf needs handy, and looks cool doing it.

Just be sure to budget some extra time after your round to find your car keys…

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