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Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, July 14th, 2008
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cigar caddy golf caseI’m a big fan of Cigar Caddy and OtterBox products. I’ve written numerous reviews on each for my many web sites. CC & OB are essentially the same company with different divisions since the cigar concept is such a unique market compared to the rest of their wares. I use several different Cigar Caddy products depending on the situation and how many sticks I need to carry. I also use many OtterBox products for my iPod Nano, iPhone or just keeping valuables protected from the elements.

Cigar Caddy 2-Stick

The Cigar Caddy 2-Stick is a very small protective case which holds two cigars. Unlike the rest of Cigar Caddy’s products, this unit does not have a built in humidor. But the concept here is that you’re carrying two cigars and they’re going to be enjoyed very soon so an internal humidor is not needed.

Built to withstand a maniac who commandeers a tank and rampages through town

Like the other Cigar Caddy products, the 2-Stick is waterproof, weatherproof, dust proof and nuclear bomb proof. The unit is rated to 100 feet below the surface of the water, for those times you want to dawn your scuba gear and smoke a stogey while checking out coral reefs or diving for hidden treasure.

cigar caddy golf caseAttach

The Cigar Caddy 2-Stick comes with a sturdy rope loop which can be easily attached to your golf bag, backpack or just carried in your hand. There is also a belt loop for mounting or attaching, which is about 1-1.5 inches wide.

Other Uses

One of my “other” worlds is professional audio. The 2-Stick is a perfect microphone case for some very high end condenser microphones I have. There’s nothing better for protecting a microphone worth $2K than a $21 indestructible padded 2-Stick. It’s important to keep dust from the mic. Dust is attracted to the diaphragm by it’s magnetic coil. It is also important to keep the microphone dry. The 2-Stick has no rival for this sort of protection.

Got a Rolex or high end watch or jewelery to protect? The 2-Stick would be pefect.


My Cigar Caddy 2-Stick gets the most use of any of my Cigar Caddy products. When I’m not using it to store my pro audio microphones, it is attached to my golf bag. I can quickly throw a couple of sticks in there on my way to play a round of golf.

The 2-Stick is great for traveling as well. I just throw it in my luggage or backpack and have two finely protected cigars ready at a moment’s notice.

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