Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, July 5th, 2008
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fiz golf club cleanerI have a small pocket towel and of course my larger golf towels and golf brushes for cleaning my gear. I’ve been spit shining my clubs for a long time. Over the course of a round or two, spit shinning and cleaning with my pocket towel results in a “not so fresh” towel. Bacteria from saliva (yes you have it), organic material from the grass and ground, and the summer heat add up to a fairly spicy recipe of germs.


Fiz Golf sent me a canister of their golf cleaner to try out. Upon doing a little research about Fiz, I found out that they’re locals, just down the street!

The Fiz cleaner shoots out a foamy cleaning solution under pressure, which is used in conjunction with the bristles on the end of the cannister to get the grass and dirt out of the grooves of the clubs.

For convenience, the lid of the cannister has a loop on the top which attaches to your golf bag or towel loop. The cannister is easily removed and replaced from the lid during the course of your golf round.

On the course

I found that the Fiz cleaner did an excellent job cleaning my clubs and getting that remaining dirt and grass from the grooves which a spit shine couldn’t get. I find that I have more confidence in my upcoming shot if I’m standing over a pristine iron. Seeing the grooves in the iron gives me more alignment feedback and helps my aim.

fiz golf


The first time I pushed the button at the top of the cannister I was literally startled by how fast and how much foam shot out! You only need to hit the button for a split second to get enough cleaning foam applied to the club. Make sure you have it aimed right because if you miss your club you could cover yourself or your playing partner with cleaning foam, even if your partner is several feet away.

Another critique I have is what to do with the foam. After cleaning the club, there is a lot of excess foam on the club and on the bristles which needs to be mopped up with my golf towel. Over 18 holes there could be a substantial amount of foam in the towel.

My final critique is that the bottle fell off my bag, never to be found again.  After using Fiz a few times I noticed I’d lost the bottle somewhere on the course.  The lid was still attached to my bag but the bottle was gone.  Perhaps an improvement in that area would be a good idea.

Fiz Picz

For a few more images of the Fiz cleaner, click here for my Fiz Gallery.


I think that Fiz golf has a very good product and the results are excellent. I do feel I hit better shots when my grooves are clean, especially on short game shots where I really need to control the spin.

From a retail standpoint Fiz is a winner as well. The small size and attractiveness of the product would make for a good “impulse buy” at the front counter of the pro shop.

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